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There is no shortage of information and resources for homeschoolers. There are literally thousands of web sites, books, newsletters, catalogs, organizations, magazines, and groups with something to offer. For the new homeschooler, this abundance of resources can be a bit overwhelming. Therefore, we’ve listed here only a few resources which offer the kind of simple, basic information that is needed in the beginning. If you don’t find what you need, or if you want more, just follow the trail (or click the links) – whatever you’re looking for is out there somewhere!

A few words of warning first –

  • Many (if not most) resources are written from a specific point of view or with a specific goal in mind. If you find a resource whose point of view or goal isn’t compatible wilth your own, don’t worry about it! Just move on to something else. There are many options in homeschooling and there will be many resources that just aren’t right for you.
  • Many resources are trying to sell something. Most of what they’re selling is nice and possible helpful, but not necessary. Look, and make lists if you like, but don’t rush to spend money!
  • Resources are designed for people with varying levels of involvement and experience with homeschooling. Many of them will be of no use to someone just starting out. Explore the parts that are relevant to your situation, but don’t get stuck on the advanced topics!

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