PVC/PVG Conveyor Belt for coal mine

#High quality conveyor belt
#Sound elasticity
#Non-ply separation
#Low elongation,anti-impact, anti-friction
#Tear resistant

(Underground conveyor belt) Flame retardant conveyer belt is made from the whole belt core via dipping and plastifying in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) dipping agent or sulfuration. It features largely in the high strength, large freight volume and stable conveyance performance. Besides, it is fire retardant, anti-static, shock resistant, wearable and corrosion resistant.
PVC,PVG conveyor belt is mainly applicable for the underground well haulage of coal mines, and also the conveyance of materials for metallurgical and chemical industries. The whole core fire-retardant conveyer belt is divided into two types: PVC, PVG.

PVC type conveyer belt's upper and lower layers are PVC coating cover, single-sided tape thickness: ≥1.0mm; PVG type belt's upper and lower layers are nitrile rubber and PVC, single-sided tape thickness: 1.5mm-4.5mm.
PVC type conveyer belt's inclined angle: <16°;
PVG conveyer belt's inclined angle: <20°.