Solid Woven Conveyor Belt

Used for underground material conveying in the coal mine, also for the material conveying of metallurgy and chemical industry;
Type: PVC & PVG;
Belt Construction: For PVC belt, top rubber and bottom rubber are PVC coating cover, single-sided cover rubber thickness not less than 1.0mm; For PVG belt, top rubber and bottom rubber are nitrile rubber and PVC, single-sided cover rubber thickness: 1.5mm-4.5mm.
Feature: The Solid woven conveyor belt is made from the whole belt core via dipping and plastifying in polyvinyl chloride dipping agent or vulcanization. It features largely in the high strength, heavy load, and stable conveyance performance. Besides, it is fire retardant, anti-static, shock resistant, wearable and corrosion resistant. The new generation SWR solid woven fire resistant belt which was researched by Huaxia have been put into production, the property and life of the belts is improved a lot which is approved by our customers, we will introduce this products in our webpage specially
Specification of Solid Woven Conveyor Belt:
Standard and Main Technical Date:
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