Welcome to Homeschooling Hands

Homeschooling basically means the education of children at home, within their families, under the direction and control of their parents. Lots of details can be added or debated about the who/what/when/where/why/how of homeschooling, but the above definition is the basic foundation. This web site recognizes that there are many different theories and methods of homeschooling that all fit within this basic definition and want to assist you on finding the best practices for you and your kids.

Having a community to turn to when deciding to make the switch between public or private schooling, to that of a home based education, can be overwhelming for everyone which is exactly why we designed this site. We want to aid you through this transition and connect you to reliable resources. Whether you need scheduling assistance, virtual tutoring, ideas on how to maintain the classroom setting inside the home, or articles explaining the best ways to stay organized, we’re sure we can help. What’s better though, is you’ll also be able to connect with other parents who are both new and seasoned to this environment. Having support will only strengthen your confidence and help to alleviate the stress of it all. Some families start their children in homeschooling right away and never look back, while others pull their children from public schools to teach at home. This, we find is the hardest, because the kids have already established themselves at their school. It can feel foreign even scary to go from the classroom to the living room but we know that with the advice you’ll find here, you’ll be able to ease the nerves in no time.

Owner Barb Legg, is a mother of two who successfully educated her children through this method and saw them off to college. She struggled in the beginning to understand the best ways to go about it, as at the time there weren’t many resources available, and learned as she went. She didn’t want other parents to have to worry about making the leap, or thinking it was impossible to do so. This web site offers basic information for families who are just exploring or beginning the homeschooling adventure. Please – explore and enjoy! If you have any questions regarding Barb’s personal experiences or would like to ask questions, please go to theĀ Who Is page. Once there, you’ll be able to email us directly. Thanks for visiting!